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Discover How to Get Your Dyslexic Child Excited About Life Through an "Extreme Success Experience"

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  • Is your dyslexic teen miserable?
  • Does she hate going to school?
  • Is he struggling to keep up, make friends or see a decent future for himself?
Does this sound familiar?
Our happy, bright, young son struggled from day one at school. Finally in Class 3, he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD.

We poured all our efforts into helping him to learn to read and cope with schoolwork. We invested thousands of hours and dollars in time, programs and technology.

We thought life would start to feel like smooth sailing for him once he mastered reading ...

And his reading was improving. He appeared to be coping at school, if not excelling.

Fast forward three years, our teen was moving into high school.

That's when all three of us slammed into the wall of despair and anxiety.

Every school day became a struggle to get him out of bed. He would tell us often that he was stupid.

He'd lost his sense of purpose and direction in life. If we'd let him, he would have sat at his computer playing Minecraft all day.

Our son was stuck in a negative spiral he couldn't break free from. It was heart-wrenching to watch on and feel so helpless.

The more we struggled to remain positive about his future, the more we became convinced we had to make some big change in his life. Should we pull him out of school? Could we? Would this be more harmful? Lots of questions with no good answers.

We read everything; tried everything. We just couldn't make any of these solutions stick. 

This was when we knew we needed to take a completely different approach.

So we shifted our time and investment into discovering how to engineer a unique and positive path forward for our son.

And it worked! 

Our son found a reason to step up ... to want to learn. 

To grow.

Our son found his "why".

And experienced its power to drive positive momentum. Today, two years on, he has clarity on his purpose and his pathway towards a future he wants for himself.

He is actively creating his future.

He's first up in the morning for school. His grades have improved. His motivation levels have skyrocketed.

He even runs a successful business on the side. Not bad for a fourteen year old.

University is back on his list of future maybes.

He now believes he has choices that he can control, and this is the most powerful and exciting outcome of all.
What most parents & teachers don't know is, they are trying to fix the wrong problem!
It's easy to get caught up in all the noise in the dyslexic space - so many people with so many solutions.

We know. We've tried them.
And they didn't work - for us.
Not because they're wrong. In fact, they do work for some kids.

But not for our son. Not where he was in his head-space and heart-space at the time.

Telling him he needed to be positive, to find his inner strength, to accept failure as a win?

It was like putting a bandaid on a torn artery. It might stop the blood flow for a short time, but eventually it fails.

These fixes couldn't last long enough to make lasting and meaningful change.

Our son wasn't open to listening. He was already convinced he was a lost cause. He'd given up trying.
We needed to find a way to crack open his protective shell.
Our search for an answer led us to develop a method. We used it with our son and the results blew us away!

We have taken everything that worked and distilled the core principles into a method that is easy to duplicate.

We are excited to share this method with you.

We call it  the Breakout Method.

Using the Breakout Method, we teach parents how to help their child create an "extreme success experience". 
We show parents how to engineer an "extreme" moment that allows their child to experience their own ability to achieve something that is highly valued by others.
This is not just another cookie-cutter course where one-size fits-all.
This course is about creating a unique solution for your child. We help you discover what will work best for you and your child.

Over six weeks, we introduce you to the 'breakout method' and help you create your 'next best step' plan.

The power of the Breakout Method is that it has been designed to use over and over again - and we will show you how.
It's easier than you think.
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Be a Superhero for Your Child!

Help your child ...
  • break free from their negative spiral
  • discover their natural genius
  • create a pathway to bring their talents and gifts to the world
  •  experience success in life.
Your child deserves it! And so do you!
It's time for your child to take control of their life.
The Breakout Method will show you how.
"[Your] child needs to find their niche instead of changing to fit other people's ideas of normal" - Dr Devon MacEachon, PhD
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To discover for yourself.
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It's time to get out of "information mode" and into "action".

"[Give your child] ... a journey shift" - Dr Daniel Siegel, author of best-selling book, Mindshift.
This is not a 'quick fix' method. It's a strategically, crafted journey.
"You can't simply read about various techniques and expect change to happen overnight. You have to apply them. You have to make plans and set aside time to follow through on them." - Dr Rob Yeung.
Our focus is on LASTING and MEANINGFUL change that has a positive impact on your child's future.
Here's What Your Breakout Journey Will Look Like ...  
We will walk you through the process of how to engineer and activate your first BREAKOUT event using everything you have learned throughout the course.

Our focus is on what's going to have the biggest impact right now.

We will show you how to use this method over and over ...

... first as, you, the parent in the "director's seat" and ultimately how to ease the directorial role into your child's hands.
Each week you will be introduced to the essential elements of the Breakout Method.   You will ...
  • Gain clarity on why there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Understand how being the "Warrior" or the "Time Traveller" is holding you back from achieving positive life change
  •  Uncover the one word that can transform your whole reality
  •  Learn the 4 steps anyone can follow to help your child discover their "why" and the 1 mistake you need to avoid
  •  Discover the surefire method that will enable your child to identify and create success opportunities again and again
  •  Master the craft of making powerful "experience ripples" and discover the 3 ripples you must control to succeed
  •  Learn the key components of an "energy boost" to power your child towards positive mindset and performance
  •  Craft a unique toolbox of methods to bring about lasting benefits for your child
  •  YOUR JOURNEY DOES NOT END THERE. You can keep learning and being supported by joining our Breakout Tribe.
The OUTCOME of this Journey -
Your child will develop a NEW and POSITIVE relationship with themselves which in turn will alter their relationship with the world around them and discover an OPTIMISTIC OUTLOOK.

In short: SUCCESS!
Just think about it. 

How much could you save in a year?
  • Tutoring can cost between $40-$100 an hour - which means if your child has only one session a week, you'll spend over $4,000 a year for specialist tutoring! 
  • ​We have spent $300 for a 2-day life skills course for teens. The 5-day course costs over $4,000! And parent coaching is not included.
  • ​ Therapy sessions can cost $100 each - you'll spend more than $5,000 in a year for a weekly session!
And what could you gain?
A HAPPY, MOTIVATED, SUCCESSFUL child who is looking optimistically towards a future full of opportunity.

That's what we gained when we used the Breakout Method.
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The course runs for 6 weeks - The success your child will find is for life.
we are offering this PILOT course at a massive discount. Registrations will be limited to 15 people
Are You Wondering If This Course Is Right For You?
Yes, if ...
  • You are a parent of a dyslexic pre-teen or teen who has given up on herself... Thinks he must be stupid and won't get anywhere in life ... Is desperately unhappy and doesn't want to go to school ... Doesn't see the point in even trying anymore.
  • You are open to new ideas that may challenge your viewpoints and beliefs. You are open to accepting this challenge and putting the Breakout Method into action.
  • You are prepared to take an active role in making change for your child. The Breakout Method relies on you to create the change. We can guide you and answer your questions, but if you do not do the work, it cannot succeed.
  • You are prepared to fail and persevere, as you learn what works and what doesn't. You are in it for the long haul and not expecting a quick fix. Lasting and meaningful change can take time. Remember, your child has taken six or more years to get to where they are. You won't undo it overnight, but you might achieve success faster than you think.
As parents, we know that there is a limit to how much time and energy you have available daily and we take that into account in the structure of the course.

The course is delivered in a series of bite-size videos with weekly worksheets that you can squeeze into even the busiest day.

But if you find yourself caught up in family and work commitments, that's okay! You can complete the work at your own pace.

We will hold a group coaching call each week to discuss your specific challenges so that you can keep moving forward.

There's a part of all of us that tells us to not take risks - just 'wait and see' what happens.

But your child deserves to dream big. To live their fullest life. To be happy.

Right now, you really only have two choices: sit back and see what happens; or, join us and take action today.
Are you ready to take action?

Go ahead and click the button below now and book a call to find out if this course is right for you.

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Last chance to book a call 8pm PST 25th August 2019
This Pilot course will be offered ONE TIME ONLY,  at a massive discount. Registrations will be limited to 15 people
P.S. If your dyslexic teenager is miserable, unable to see any positive future for themselves, experiencing anxiety and depression, I hope you'll consider joining us for our Breakout Method course. Over 6 weeks, we teach parents how to help their child create an "extreme success experience". Through this powerful experience, your child will develop a new and positive relationship with themselves and discover an optimistic outlook.

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This course provides information for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or advice from a licensed healthcare professional.
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